Q: What is pickleball?
A: Pickleball is a court sport played with a hard paddle and a plastic ball with holes in it. The game combines elements of badminton, tennis, racquet ball and ping-pong, and is played on a badminton-sized court. More information can be found at USA Pickleball Association.

Q: Where can I find the rules of the game?
Rules Summary
IFP/USAPA Official Rules (PDF)

Q: How can I find out if I might be interested in playing pickleball?
A: The HSV Pickleball Club offers one free introductory lesson. You only pay a small court fee. This class is offered every Tuesday at 6:00 PM and Saturday at 9:00 AM.. Using our equipment, you will receive a short overview of the rules and basic instruction to give you an opportunity to try the game and see if you like it. You must register one week in advance. You do not have to pay the POA amenity fee prior to your introductory lesson.  Sign up for your free introductory lesson

Q: I want to play. How do I get started?
A: You’ll need to pay either a yearly amenity fee or a daily amenity fee charged by the Property Owners’ Association for pickleball. This fee can be paid at the Pickleball office on DeSoto Blvd.

Q: Is there a fee to play pickleball?
A: The Property Owners’ Association charges a fee to use the Village’s pickleball courts at the Family Recreation Area on DeSoto Blvd. The POA fee schedule can be found by clicking here.
In addition, there is a separate $10 per person fee for those choosing to join the official HSV Pickleball Club. This fee is paid directly to the Club. Go to HSV Pickleball Club membership to get the membership form.

Q: How do I find other people to play pickleball?
A: Open Play is scheduled Monday through Saturday mornings when members with any skill level can come and play. There are also various times set aside when players can come together to play with others having similar skill levels. Regularly scheduled times are posted on the Calendar.
As a member of the HSV Pickleball Club you will receive emails about club leagues, tournaments or other organized activities. You can also contact other members directly and set up your own group for arranged play. The member Roster shows the skill rating of some players if you wish to contact players at your skill level.

Q: How do I get a user name and password to access the Roster page?
A: Pickleball members may get the user name and password to the roster by submitting this form. The roster instruction page also has a link to the form.

Q: How do I get a password to edit my personal information on the Roster?
A: Every line of the roster has an “Edit” link. Click on the link corresponding to your name and then submit the form on the edit page to get your personal password by email.

Q: How do I get equipment to play pickleball?
A: The balls we use to play on our courts are provided by HSV Pickleball. Once you complete your introductory class, with paddles provided by the HSV Pickleball Club, you will need to purchase your own paddle online or from a local vendor.

Q: Once I get the basics of the game, is there more advanced training?
A: The complete list of classes (taught by our volunteer trainers) is available in the Clinics section. NOTE: You must be a member of the HSV Pickleball Club to register for advanced training.

Q: Can I play on the pickleball courts at night?
A: Yes.